Let us help your patients sustainably lose weight so you can focus on your specialty

Accomplish Health partners with health systems and other medical practices as an in-house obesity medicine clinic. Our evidence based clinical model helps patients sustainably lose weight and qualify for necessary elective procedures.

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How to partner with us


We sign a contract to provide services
Accomplish Health becomes an in-house obesity medicine clinic with zero upfront investment or ongoing expense. We invoice our partners for clinical services that can be billed through your existing payor contracts.  


Refer eligible patients
Your patients are referred by one of your providers to Accomplish Health.


Receive updates on patients
Get updates on your patients progress either via fax or directly into your EHR. If patients need to meet specific criteria for payor or medical approval, we'll keep you updated on their progress and refer patients back when the criteria are met. 
Billing is easy

You can bill under your existing contracts at your existing rates. We'll either fax CMS 1500's to you or we can integrate with your EHR to electronically send all needed billing information.

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Patient See Results

Our clinical model leverages prescription medications, nutrition therapy and health coaching. It's a proven methods to help patient sustainable lose weight and improve their overall health.


Weight loss after 6 months


Weight loss after 12 months or more
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